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“Well what can I say now. I'm normally absolutely not a fan of quartz watches, but this one has already convinced me very much. The workmanship is right, the design is very consistent, in short, the watch is fun. And for the price of 309, - € certainly no money is ruined, especially when I see the many other productions where you can get a lot of junk for a lot of money. "

Samuel from Zeitgeist

“As already stated several times, I can't get enough of the dial. But that is by far not the only thing with which the Ferdinand & David Travelmaster can score: the crown, the date field, the GMT function, the sapphire crystal and the high-quality workmanship are further details with which this watch stands out positively from the market competitors. Here, quality is simply taken into account when it comes to materials and production. And all at a price that is currently extremely affordable at just over € 300. [...] From my side, an absolute purchase recommendation for the Travelmaster! "