We rid the world of inferior watches!

Ferdinand & David stands for sustainability. Our watches are made to give you or your children pleasure for decades to come. This is by no means a matter of course nowadays. A large part of the watch industry relies on inferior materials and poor workmanship. Many watches therefore have a short lifespan, an unsightly appearance and a lot of annoyance for the owner. In addition, there are usually no spare parts or repair options for these watches, because these watches are simply disposed of after their short life. If a warranty claim occurs immediately after the purchase, the customer is often sent new watches instead of repairing the old one. This is a waste of important and rare raw materials. To make the watch market more sustainable again, we have our TRADE IN Program launched. With this we give you the opportunity to do something good with your irreparable watch. Exchange your defective watch when you buy a Travelmaster and receive it 40 € discount on your order. We will dispose of your watch properly and plant one for it tree. The condition and make of your old watch are irrelevant. In doing so, you are making a valuable contribution to environmental protection and helping to rid the world of inferior watches. 

To participate in TRADE IN simply follow these instructions: 


You configure your Ferdinand & David Travelmaster in our online shop and enter the discount code with your order tradein one. You get that right away TRADE IN discount in the amount of 40€ credited.


 You will receive your Travelmaster within the regular delivery time.


After receiving your Travelmaster, take the return label out of the box, put your old watch in it and tape it up. The condition and make of your watch are irrelevant. By attaching the return label, you create no shipping costs. You can hand in the package at any DHL branch or a DHL parcel carrier. 


Your old watch will be professionally dismantled by us and disposed of according to its materials. We will then donate a tree for environmental protection on your behalf. So you can still do something good with your old watch!