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The Black Edition is a special model of the Travelmaster.
This is on 100 pieces limited.
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The model history

The Travelmaster is the first watch model from Ferdinand & David. It was designed and developed personally by Julius Ferdinand Möhrle and Lennart David Schulz. The idea was to create an elegant and comfortable watch for traveling. For this reason, a second time zone was integrated into the watch and bracelets with a quick-change mechanism were installed. In this way, the wearer could always keep an eye on the time of two places and convert the watch to use in the water in a few seconds by changing the bracelet. Since the market launch in early 2018, the Travelmaster has been improved again and again. The aim was on the one hand to keep the original design and on the other hand to introduce improvements. The result is the new Travelmaster (2021). It is unmistakably derived from its predecessor and still has 60% newly developed components.

The Travelmaster is our origin - reinterpreted.


The GMT function is the most important functional property of the Travelmaster. It enables the wearer to set and read the times of two different time zones at the same time. The second time zone is made possible by means of a fourth hand and a GMT scale on the Rehaut. The setting is quick and easy using the crown. When integrating the function, particular care was taken to ensure that the classic design of the dial is not impaired and that no additional pushers are required for setting. The GMT scale of the new Travelmaster has been enlarged and kept simpler in order to improve readability. The GMT hand has been given a new shape and is now even more precise.

Water resistance

The Travelmaster is waterproof up to a water pressure of 10 bar. This corresponds to the water pressure that prevails at a diving depth of 100 meters. This means that the Travelmaster can be carried without any problems when swimming or snorkeling. For such a use, the Travelmaster can be equipped with a silicone wristband in a few seconds, which is available separately. To ensure water tightness, our Travelmaster models are subjected to strict pressure tests. So you can be sure that nothing stands in the way of using it in water.


The design of the Travelmaster is inspired by old instruments from aviation, seafaring and automotive engineering. This is due in particular to the founders' fascination for analog and timeless design. The clear design of these instruments is not only elegant, but also ensures perfect readability by day and night. The connections between the minute and second lines and the outside GMT scale ensure the special FD design.


The dial of the Travelmaster and the hands have luminous material, which enables reading even in the dark. Compared to the first Travelmaster, the luminosity has been significantly increased. In addition, the GMT scale on the Rehaut now also has luminous lines. This makes the Travelmaster a reliable companion even at night.


Each Travelmaster comes with a manufacturer's guarantee of 5 years. Should a problem arise with your watch during this time, we will of course be happy to take care of it. An individual metal guarantee card is supplied with every Travelmaster as proof of your guarantee claim. This not only bears the serial number of your Travelmaster, but also the signatures of the founders. Details of the scope of the guarantee can be found in the description that is also enclosed.


The Travelmaster is driven by a high quality Swiss quartz movement from the manufacturer Ronda. The movement impresses with its ease of maintenance and high accuracy. It has a regular battery life of 45 months. It is not necessary to reset the clock within this time - apart from a few corrections. The power consumption can be reduced by an energy saving mode to 30% when not in use. The easy handling and high reliability of the movement make the Travelmaster the perfect everyday watch.

Technical specifications


  • Caliber: 515.24h
  • Quartz movement from the Swiss manufacturer RONDA


  • Diameter: 42.00 mm
  • Height: 10.00 mm
  • Weight (without bracelet): 64.00g


  • Diameter: 42.00 mm
  • Height: 10.00 mm
  • Weight (without bracelet): 64.00g


  • Strap width: 22/18 mm
  • Optional:
  • German calfskin
  • High-strength nylon with leather inside
  • silicone


  • GMT function (second time zone)
  • Date display
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Luminous dial and hands